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The school was built in 1871 and was located at the corner of 4th & Main streets. The land was donated for the site of the school on the condition that it always be used for school purposes.  It was the only wood frame building painted white at the time, and was referred to as the “Little White Schoolhouse”. In 1885, the school had a fire, but was reconstructed in the shape of a “T” to accommodate more students.  When a new school building was being constructed in 1915, the T-shaped school was split apart into 2 residences.  One part was moved to the east side of town on East First Street and was encased in sandstone. It is still standing there today as a family home. The other portion of the building was moved to 8th & Foreman streets, where it was the Howard family home.  In 1993, the building was moved to its current location at 4th & Wood St, and is the east wing of the structure.  The west wing was built in order to replicate the 1885 school house, including the bell tower.

The east wing houses memorabilia and artifacts from the Caney school system, while the west wing is a replica of a one-room schoolhouse.

Teacher Honor Plaques that need purchased

Arnwine, Cheryl

Bale, Larry

Bales, Twila

Barton, Jimmye

Bellmyer, Jeannette

Blackwell, Tony

Bowers, Patsy

Brooks, John


Brownlee, Ferne

Carter, Cynthia

Coke, Sharlyn

Deal, Vicki

Egan, Mary Ann

Ellis, Bill

Evans, Sammy

Fulton, Danny

Fuqua, Marilyn

Grayum, Lana

Heady, John

Hiner, Debi

Huff, Sondra

Inman, Rhonda

Jackson, George

Jones, Sherman 

Keller, Cliff

Leahew, Shirley

Mantooth, Helen

McBride, Lafama

Melton, Kenneth

Messner, Dwayne

Morris, Connie

Orcutt, Janice

Redfern, John

Rigdon, Stephanie

Roper, Karen

Ruark, Carla

Shultheiss, Karen

Stromberg, Mary

Sullivan, Carla

Sullivan, Goldena

Vernon, Dan  

White, Gloria

White, Paula

Wilmoth, Charline

Wilmoth, Rose

Wyrick, Jeff

Zimmerman, Nancy

In the Alumni room of the schoolhouse, the walls are lined with plaques to honor the faculty of USD #436. Plaques can be purchased by friends, family, or students to memorialize the service and dedication of these wonderful people who made an impact on so many lives.

Payment options are available on the application

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